At Hector’s Post we love brilliant storytelling and beautiful artwork. We dream of passing on that love to our young readers.

Through humour, whimsical adventures and lovable characters, we hope to spark a passion for books that will last a lifetime.

About Us

Our tales of friendship and discovery are more than just rip-roaring yarns. We hope, through our stories, to teach children valuable life-lessons. All our stories feature strong values and positive messages: that life is better when we’re kind, that we should celebrate our own and others’ differences, that courage comes in many forms, and, perhaps above all, that we must strive to be happy – and make others happy.

In this way, we hope to help shape little people who are contented, robust, compassionate and able to navigate through difficult and stressful situations. Which, in light of the past year or two, is as relevant now as it has ever been.

All of Hector’s Post’s stories are complemented by exquisite watercolour illustrations. Old-fashioned and timeless, these hark back to the books we adored in our youth. Jampacked with eye-catching details and visual humour, we hope to fire our young readers’ imaginations and to inspire a love of art.

“Maybe happiness isn’t something you do, or a place you go. Happiness is a thing inside of you. If you have happy thoughts, you’ll have happy feelings, “

Hector’s Promise

Finally, we want to truly embody our core values by supporting the excellent work undertaken by charities for both children and mental health. So Hector’s Promise is that we will donate a percentage from every book sold, to one of our partner charities.

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Who are we?


As a child I was fascinated by the timeless stories and wonderful artwork of Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame. I would create my own stories and draw old-fashioned illustrations to bring them to life. Later I built a homewares brand called Kate of Kensington, allowing me to explore my creativity. A huge privilege and enormous fun!

My Happiness..... Yoga, meditation, long walks, wildlife and creative thinking. Best of all, I have been an avid supporter of positive thinking and mindfulness for over 15 years.


Like Kate, I was an avid reader from a young age, totally obsessed with anything written by Roald Dahl. Having spent a number of years in the army, I’ve experienced first-hand the importance of strong character attributes that form who we are. Core values such as empathy, honesty, curiosity and kindness. So I take great pride in familiarising young readers with these ideas through fun tales of adventure.