The Be Series

Does your little one long to fly on a dragon or have snowball fights with a penguin? Would they love to explore with a bear or fly hot air balloons with an elephant? Well, thanks to our Be range, they can.

Our Books

Choose whether you would like your child to learn about bravery, happiness, kindness, honesty, staying calm or how being unique is a wonderful gift!

Be Brave

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Be Happy

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Be Honest

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Be Calm

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Be Kind

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Be Unique

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How It Works

Creating your very own personalised Hector's Post book couldn't be easier. Just follow the easy steps below.


Choose your adventure

Partner-up with a dragon in Be Brave, a penguin in Be Happy or a dinosaur in Be Unique. Or other wonderful friends in other enchanting tales.


Which character best matches your child?

This will be the illustration of your child, who stars in the story.


What is your child’s name?

This will be how your child is referred to by other characters in the story.


Sit-back and admire the preview

Don’t worry – before the checkout there will be a preview to make sure everything looks exactly as you hope.

Latest Reviews

Wow. Just wow. My little one loves seeing herself in the stories. And best of all, we extract loads of great educational content that help me to explain the most important values. Thank-you HP!

Jonathan Kenwood

11th Jan2023

I simply adore the messaging. Loads of heart-warming niceness. With every story featuring friendship and non-stop positivity - we need more of these books!

Sarah Jones

3rd January 2023

My girls love reading about their adventures with a kind, yet very silly, dinosaur. Loads of lovely meanings to take from the books, and we have spent time discussing them to learn more about the theme of diversity and how we are all unique.

Mrs Green

4th January 2023

Be Calm has helped my youngest to understand his feelings of frustration. And he takes great pride in practising the coping mechanisms featured in the book, which he imagines doing with the Turtle. Bravo!

Max T

11th Feb 2023