How to Encourage Children to Read

Reading is a skill that all children are encouraged to learn, but being able to read and appreciating the joy of reading are two very different things. Many parents wonder how to encourage children to read in a way that will inspire a lifelong passion for books and stories. Setting aside time to read together is key, and reading a personalised children’s book can really set a child’s imagination racing!

Feb 13, 2023  -  Written By Hector


What’s Great about Reading?

If you are someone who reads for pleasure, you will already have experienced the sense of positivity evoked when you make time for a good book. Feeling relaxed, calm and experiencing lower stress levels are all benefits described by adults.

In children, something even more magical happens. Scientists have shown that reading strengthens the brain’s connections so that brain function becomes more sophisticated. Reading has been proven to support a child’s developing imagination, extend their vocabulary and improve their ability to empathise with others. Research by the National Literacy Trust has also shown that the mental health of children who are more engaged with reading is likely to be higher.

Knowing how to encourage your children to read will not only help to spark their love of books from an early age, but could also support the maturation of their brain and boost their emotional wellbeing.

Reading Together

Reading aloud with your child is a simple way to enjoy quality time together. This special time gives you chance to cuddle up somewhere quiet, away from distractions. Children love having their parents’ undivided attention, and reading provides a wonderful opportunity for this. Laugh at the funny pictures, make up voices for the characters, and re-read books over and over so that your child can join you in reciting the words from memory.

Personalised Children’s Books

As adults we tend to read the books that appeal to us, and children will also be far more interested in a book that they can relate to. Finding the right theme or characters can be particularly beneficial for inspiring reluctant readers to give books a go.

If you are looking to encourage reading, a customised children’s book is the perfect way to help your child instantly fall in love with a story and its characters. The Literacy Trust reported that having personalised elements within a book improves interest, motivation, and engagement, as well as reading skills!

Personalised books empower children to see themselves as a problem solver, helper or someone who can save the day. Seeing him or herself within the pages of a book shows a child the many qualities that they have inside them. This positive messaging might show them how special it is to be unique or honest, or inspire them to be kind or brave. When dealing with big emotions, visualising what it means to be happy can help them to picture and understand complex feelings.

Sadly, many children may not see themselves or their family represented in mainstream children’s literature. Receiving a book that is inclusive of their gender, race, background or disability can improve their sense of value and self-worth. With an exclusive book from Hector’s Post, you can ensure that a child will see themselves personally represented as a hero.

No two personalised books will ever be the same, offering a truly unique children’s gift idea to cherish together for years to come.

Feb 13, 2023  -  Written By Hector