Should We Give Books as Presents to Children?

Children have been receiving books as gifts for many years, but with so many electronic toys and games on the market, many of us are left wondering if we should still give books as presents to children. In this article we will look at the importance of books and storytelling, and why books are still a great gift idea for children.

Mar 14, 2023  -  Written By Hector


Reading in the UK

If reading came naturally to you as a child, it can be easy to assume that this is the case for all children and adults. But across the UK, 7.1 million people can be described as having very poor literacy skills. Struggling with literacy not only makes it difficult to succeed at school but can later leave adults locked out of the job market and unable to support their own children with reading.

Learning to read has an incredible effect on a child’s developing brain. Reading strengthens the connections within the brain and significantly improves vocabulary.

A love of reading is often developed in childhood, with young children sharing bedtime stories and older children and teenagers immersing themselves in chapter books for pleasure. Books are a portal to other countries, cultures, periods of history and even into fantasy worlds. From reading, children can develop empathy for others or a deeper understanding of their own feelings. This can help to boost mental health and overall wellbeing.

For the best chance of getting children on board with reading, it is vital to find books that they will love. As adults we tend to read the books that appeal to us, and children will also be far more interested in a book that they can relate to. Finding the right theme or characters can be particularly beneficial for inspiring reluctant readers to give books a go.

What are Good Birthday Gifts for Children?

Although children may pester you for video games or screens, video gaming can have a detrimental effect on some. Games played on a screen can become obsessive, leading to children spending more time isolated from their family. Children may also reject other activities including exercise, reading, schoolwork and hobbies in favour of electronics. This can sadly lead to negative behaviours.

Conversely, books are a timeless gift that support healthy brain development. With a wide range of titles to choose from, you may wonder where to start with finding a book that you can guarantee will be a hit. Customised children’s books are ideal as they make the birthday boy or girl the star of the show.

Personalised Children’s Books

If you are looking to encourage reading, a customised children’s book is the perfect way to help your child instantly fall in love with a story and its characters. The Literacy Trust reported that having personalised elements within a book improves interest, motivation, and engagement, as well as reading skills!

Personalised books empower children to see themselves as a problem solver, helper or someone who can save the day. Seeing him or herself within the pages of a book shows a child the many qualities that they have inside them. This positive messaging might show them how special it is to be unique or honest, or inspire them to be kind or brave. When dealing with big emotions, visualising what it means to be happy can help them to picture and understand complex feelings.

Sadly, many children may not see themselves or their family represented in mainstream children’s literature. Receiving a book that is inclusive of their gender, race, background or disability can improve their sense of value and self-worth. With an exclusive book from Hector’s Post, you can ensure that a child will see themselves personally represented as a hero.

No two personalised books will ever be the same, offering a truly unique children’s gift idea to cherish for years to come.

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Mar 14, 2023  -  Written By Hector