Be Honest

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Desperate for love and cuddles, a lonely bear cub does something rather naughty – he tells a lie. But pretending to be a cuddly toy proves to be harder than he expected. After all, unlike toys, real bears need to eat and sleep and … answer calls of nature! In this fun and light-hearted adventure, the little bear learns that it’s always better to be honest.

What size are the books?

The stories span 26 pages, each 210x210mm in size.

What age is the book for?

We find that little ones aged 4 to 7 are our most fervent bookworms. However children, and adults for that matter, of all ages will find pleasure in this adventure.

How can I personalise the book?

Easy. Just click 'Personalise & Order', this will open the next page. Here simply enter your child's (the recipient's) name and then select the character that best reflects their appearance. Next choose either a soft or hardback cover before sitting-back to enjoy the preview. The preview allows you to check that the name and character appear exactly as you wish.
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"I’ll tell her I’m a real bear tomorrow,” he thought guiltily, “… or perhaps the next day … or the day after that.”

Be Honest

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